LAUNCH X431 IV Smart OBD II-16E Connector OBD-16Pin Adapter


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This OBD II 16Pin connector fits LAUNCH X-431 IV Scan Tool. (NOT for X431 GX3, MASTER!)

Specification: DB-15pin Male (3Rows 15pin) to OBD-16pin Male

Package: OBD2 Adapter x1;

LAUNCH X431 connectors and main cables list is as follow, don’t buy wrong part for your scanner.
1. X431 OBD II-16C connector<—>First Generation X431 scanner,X431 TOOL
2. X431 GX3 Master OBD II-16E connector<—>X431 GX3 Master Main Cable <—>X431 GX3 Master scanner
3. X431 IV OBD II-16E connector<—>X431 IV Main Cable <—>X431 IV scanner


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